We are OPEN again. Email Project is back in 2006 !

2006 Spring Email Project

Volunteer Wanted, We want Email Trainers!

Hi, there !

My name is Hirofumi ITO, a Japanese law professor at Aichi University Graduate School of Law. I am now teaching as a professor at the lawschool in Nagoya, Japan. We want some volunteers who help our Email Project. If you get interested, read following messages and email me, please.

What is the Email Project ?

I am teaching two classes titled as CaLS(Computer aided Legal Studies) course for law students, in which he or she learns how to utilize a personal computer(PC) in legal studies. We have Email Project in the course. This Email Project is the very first step for a law student to learn the way to utilize a PC. We call a law student who emails back and gives some comments to my students' emails an Email Trainer(ET).

The project is two fold. The first step is for my students to email to a Japanese student in Japanese language. Here, he or she will learn a basic skill of using an email system. The second step is to email to foreign law students in English. Here, he or she will learn a way to communicate with a foreign law student in foreign language.

Spring semester 2003, we had 2 Email Trainers from Hochschule fuer Politik, Munich and University of Queensland, Australia. In coming Spring semester(April 2006 - July 2006), I will teach a classes. In this semester, we will start this project on June 1st and end up on June 30th, 2006.

The steps of the Email Project

    The steps of this Email Project are:
  1. You will email me with your brief self-introduction. (See and Use the sample form below)
  2. My students will email you after reading your self-introduction.
  3. You will email back to my student with CC(Carbon Copy) to my email address(hirofumi@lawschool.aichi-u.ac.jp). You do not have to write a long email. Write as much as you can.
  4. Then I will check the correspondence between you and my student. The student will score one point when he or she gets an email from you.

NOTE: Some students are not good at English. You will need much energy and patience !

The purposes of this Email Project are:

Level 1. International correspondence via Email: I want my students to learn the wonder of Email communication, that we can communicate with law students in foreign countries very easily at no cost.

Level 2. Feel potentiality of the Internet for legal studies and discuss a legal issue from various aspects:

Some advise for an Email Trainer:

  1. Use your mailer (email software, e.g. Eudora or Outlook Express etc.) in full swing. Use an automatic reply function on your mailer as possible. This would make you possible to reply to so many emails a day !!!
  2. Remember, you do not have to reply to all the emails you received. You can choose an email which you want to reply to. I tell my students to write such an email that an Email Trainer naturally wants to write a reply to the email. No reply means one of the replies.
  3. You do not have to write a long email. Several sentences are enough when you are busy. Of course, a long and sincere email will be welcomed, as a human communication. It is up to you.
  4. If you can find that your email partner writes a good English, ask him or her a basic legal question in order to let him or her explain Japanese legal information in English. For example, ask the Japanese legal system; How many lawyers and judges are there in Japan? Can a foreigner become a lawyer in Japan? What is the Emperor of Japan for to Japanese people? ,etc.


As an Email Trainer, you must be able to read and write an email, able to write a reply as soon as possible, and be a law student.

Form of self-introduction

  • Name:
  • Email Address:
  • University:
  • Hobby:
  • Age: (Not required)
  • What You Are Studying as a Law Student:
  • What interests you the most now:
  • Message: (Not required)


If you get interested in this Email Project, email me now! So, you can find an email pal in Japan and discuss legal topics with a Japanese law student.

Dead line for the application is "May 15th, 2006(Japan time)". Although you unfortunately see this message after the date, you can email me your application for the next Spring semester 2004.

Mr. Hirofumi ITO
Professor of Law at Aichi University Graduate School of Law
Email: hirofumi@lawschool.aichi-u.ac.jp