The Project CaLS

The Project CaLS presents Email Project for Legal Education.
All contents are in English.

  • Email Traners' Room is Here! <--- The Message Board for Email Project AND Chat Room for Email Trainers !! <--- Sorry, Now Closed !
  • General Information on this Message Board.
    1. How to get in ! To those who want to join this closed site for Email Trainers.
      1. Get your ID and Password.
        1. Login with a temporary "User ID"(guest) and "Password"(guest). Type with a lower-case letter.
        2. In the Room, order to issue your "User ID" with "Password". Click "New User Registration". Fill up the blanks AND submit. You can decide your "User ID" and "Password".
        3. I will register your "User ID" and "Password". Then I will email your own "User ID" and "Password". (It takes about 10 days. If no response, email me)
        4. A "Guest" user can only READ the messages in the Room.
      2. Click Here Email Traners' Room and login with your own "User ID" and "Password". Have a fun. <--- Sorry, Now Closed !